Measuring Instruments

The production safety of machine tools, tools and clamping devices is further enhanced by the measuring techniques and the measuring tools used. Innovativeness and a focus on quality are key factors which help industrial companies to achieve success. Skills which could not be achieved without the use of measuring technology.

The purpose of measuring instruments is to verify research and development results and to document quality. Measuring instruments allow quality assurance and the compilation of quality statistics to take place in the first instance and for quality assurance and statistics to be documented at the same time.

Without constant development of measuring techniques and the appropriate measuring instruments, there would be no technical progress. Electronic methods have taken measuring techniques to an almost unimaginable level: in terms of length measuring techniques, lengths and diameters of far less than one thousandth of a millimetre can now be measured as a matter of course. One thousandth of a millimetre is one eightieth of the diameter of a human hair.

Surface measuring techniques and the associated measuring instruments

Surface measuring techniques include roughness metering and contour measuring. Surfaces are usually explored according to the profile method that involves tactile or contact measurement. Stylus tips of a few microns allow for the most exact determination of the surface quality.

Shape deviation measurement system and the associated measuring instruments

Shape deviation measurement is a technique that is used wherever geometric information is required - i.e. roundness, cylindricity, straightness, parallelism etc. - on workpieces with very low tolerances. These characteristics are monitored by shape testers. Owing to their ultra-high level of precision, shape measuring instruments help save money, allowing for the tolerances required by the respective company when it comes to manufacturing.

Mahr’s measuring instruments

Mahr offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for all your measuring Needs.

  • Vernier callipers
  • Micrometers
  • Dial gauges and length measuring instruments
  • Measuring stages
  • Surface plates and marking gauges
  • Squares and protractors
  • Rulers, measuring tapes and folding rules
  • Spirit levels
  • Gauges and templates
  • Interferometric devices