Plain Bearings and Spherical Bearings

In contrast to rolling bearings, plain bearings and spherical plain bearings have no rolling elements (balls or rollers) for the transmission of forces. In operation, therefore, gliding friction occurs, as opposed to rolling friction in the case of rolling bearings. Naturally, this means that very high forces can be transmitted at very low speeds; for instance, for swinging movements.

Gleit- und Gelenklager


Advantages compared to rolling bearings

  • The wide variety of materials of plain bearings makes possible a wide field of application, even for the most difficult requirements.
  • The cushioning characteristic of certain plain bearing materials make these relatively resistant to impacts, vibrations, and Shocks.
  • Plain bearings run predominantly at a low noise level, are robust, are usually resistant to soil and dirt, and only seldom require additional sealing.
  • Bearing bushings can also have a split design, which can be an advantage for special constructions.
  • Plain bearings are generally less expensive than rolling bearings.

Disadvantages compared to rolling bearings

  • A higher start up torque cannot be avoided with plain bearings.
  • Generally speaking, plain bearings are less efficient than rolling bearings.