Machining Tools

High productivity in industrial manufacturing is based on the use of state-of-the-art tool technology. The performance of tools equipped with carbide as a cutting material is particularly impressive: with Cermet, it is not unusual for cutting speeds of 600 m/min to be reached.

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Clamping Tools and Chucking Equipment

The performance of a cutting tool, in turn, depends on the performance of the clamping device with which it is fixed in place. Because of the high cutting speeds and the complex workpiece shapes involved, we recommend using a shank tool based on shrink-fit technology. This is because it allows for unlimited tool changes, with hardly any imbalance and without damaging the tool shank and the chuck.

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Measuring Instruments

The production safety of machine tools, tools and clamping devices is further enhanced by the measuring techniques and the measuring tools used. Innovativeness and a focus on quality are key factors which help industrial companies to achieve success. Skills which could not be achieved without the use of measuring technology.

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Hand Tools

Tools give us abilities that we would not possess if we only used our bare hands. However, the importance of hand tools to users and with respect to productivity is often underestimated. Ergonomics is therefore more than an excessively used, meaningless phrase, you can actually experience the effects of ergonomics when you take ergonomically designed tools into your own hands. Ergonomically designed tools help you focus on what is most important: the final result! Unsuitable hand tools make work a time-consuming challenge, which could be avoided by using well-designed tools.

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