Gaskets and Seals

They are versatile. They are resilient. But they are often under-valued: gaskets and seals. This is probably because they are so cost-effective. The role that gaskets and seals play as machine components (they are decisive for the function and the durability of an installation) is often overlooked. The functioning of proportional valves, for instance, can be jeopardised by dirt particles as small as 3 microns. Furthermore, the durability of roller bearings can be severely affected by lubricants with a water content of just 200 ppm.

Gaskets and seals perform two main functions for rotating or linear components. On one hand, they protect the sensitive inner workings of the machine components from impurities. On the other hand, they prevent lubricants and hydraulic service fluids from polluting the environment. As environmental awareness increases, this basic function of gaskets and seals is also becoming more important.

When we consider the fact that oil volumes of 10,000 litres are the norm in many central lubrication systems, or that hydraulic fluids are one of the most important service fluids in most construction and civil engineering equipment, it is easy to understand the importance of gaskets and seals. If the gaskets and seals were to fail in these functions, those substances would not be prevented from penetrating the ground and could contaminate the ground water.

Six decades of experience with gaskets and seals mean that we can ensure that all the gaskets and seals we use are secure.

Oft wird übersehen, welchen entscheidenden Einfluss Dichtungen auf die Funktion und Lebensdauer von Anlagen haben.
Proportionalventile etwa sind schon ab Schmutzpartikelgrößen von 3 μm in ihrer Funktion gefährdet.
Wälzlager wiederum werden bereits durch Wasseranteile im Schmierstoff von gerade mal 200 ppm hinsichtlich ihrer Lebensdauer erheblich beeinträchtigt.

Für rotierende oder lineare Bauteile erfüllen Dichtungen grundsätzlich zwei Aufgaben: Einerseits schützen sie das empfindliche Innenleben der Maschinenelemente vor Verunreinigung, andererseits bewahren sie die Umwelt vor dem Austritt von Schmierstoffen oder hydraulischen Betriebsmitteln.