Machining Tools

High productivity in industrial manufacturing is based on the use of state-of-the-art tool technology. The performance of tools equipped with carbide as a cutting material is particularly impressive: with Cermet, it is not unusual for cutting speeds of 600 m/min to be reached.

Controlled chip breakage with automatic chip removal allows for a reliable, long-term production capacity. Thanks to newly developed cutting-edge geometries, in high-tech machining, cooling lubricants are no longer required for many applications, which is great news for the environment.

The use of indexable inserts and the associated tools within the field of machining tools allows for quick blade changing. These machining tools are therefore very commonly used in individual and small batch production, as these types of production require frequent tool changes. It is therefore particularly important to optimise tool change times and reach quick cutting speeds.

Being able to use indexable inserts made of different types of carbide in a tool means that fewer tools need to be used in total.
Depending on their design, indexable inserts have two to eight ready-to-use cutting edges. If a cutting edge becomes blunt, the cutting blade insert can be turned over or around to reveal a new cutting edge.

Indexable inserts are consumables. This means that after all cutting edges have been used, the indexable inserts are thrown away. Indexable inserts are not resharpened as this would go against the basic principle of rationalisation; resharpening would only make sense financially speaking in specific circumstances.

Last but not least, the relatively low costs per cutting edge are one of the main reasons for indexable inserts being commonly used.

SANDVIK Coromant

Sandvik Coromant is a global market leader in the manufacture of cutting tools in the metal machining industry. As authorised dealers of SANDVIK Coromant products, we can offer you a diverse range of over 25,000 machining tools.

  • Boring/drilling tools
  • Countersinking tools and deburring tools
  • Reamers
  • Tap drills and tapping cutters
  • Dies
  • High-speed steel and solid carbide shank-end milling cutters
  • Knurling tools
  • Lathe tools
  • Indexable inserts for turning and milling
  • Cutters with indexable inserts
  • Spiders
  • CBN indexable inserts


Sandvik Coromant is a global market leader in the manufacture of cutting tools in the metal machining industry with over 25,000 products.



Dormer is one of the largest international manufacturers of machining Tools.