Large amounts of power may be generated with hydraulics, easy to control and regulate. The scope of application of hydraulics ranges from press construction for drawn parts and stampings to machine tool manufacture to machines in the construction industry.

The advantages of hydraulics come into their own wherever forces are to be used economically.

Advantages of Hydraulics

  • Lifting or setting down loads evenly
  • Executing linear or rotational movements
  • Achieving high acceleration or maintaining given Speeds
  • Exact positioning
  • Transmitting performance

There is no alternative to hydraulics when it comes to high power performance with low effort. The hydraulic forces in cylinders are transformed directly into linear movements and rotations can be triggered with full starting torque from standstill.

Hydraulics are by no means limited to working with bulky items as despite their power, they are the ideal technology for delicate movements. Combined with modern control electronics, hydraulics are impressive due to excellent control. Positioning accuracy of 1 micron or pressure controls accurate to the millisecond are easily achieved.

The enormous reliability of hydraulics, their combination of a high power density with a compact design and their high robustness and low level of maintenance required all speak for themselves.

Many tasks, both today and in the future, could be carried out more efficiently using hydraulics rather than other movement technologies. Innovative products such as high-resolution control valves allow for innovative drive concepts. The development of digital controls with intelligent control algorithms allows for quicker, more precise and more efficient solutions.

Authorised Dealer for Rexroth

As authorised dealer for Rexroth, the world leader in industrial hydraulics, we can offer you a uniquely wide range of products in hydraulics, pneumatics and control electronics.

As well as intelligent engineering solutions, we can also provide intelligent control and drive concepts.


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On 1 May 2001, The Drive & Control Company was founded after a merger. It has a multi-centennial tradition: Rexroth was founded in 1785 and Bosch in 1880.