Fluidics comprises both hydraulics and pneumatics which are two technical/physical methods of creating rotating and linear forces and movements. With hydraulics, high forces can be created which can be easily controlled and regulated. Oil, an incompressible medium, is usually used as service fluid. 

In the case of high speeds with low forces, pneumatic drive engineering is ideal, as its operating substance is gaseous and can therefore be compressed. It is available constantly and without limitations as ambient air. Pneumatic switches are comparable with electronics in terms of the range of possibilities. Pneumatics are therefore very commonly used and can be found in air brakes, rail engineering, tools driven by compressed air and conveying and positioning equipment.


On 1 May 2001, The Drive & Control Company was founded after a merger. It has a multi-centennial tradition: Rexroth was founded in 1785 and Bosch in 1880.



HYDAC is a globally active company with a wide range of fluid technology products.