Standard Parts - DIN Parts

The term "standard parts" covers parts made to DIN and ISO standards as well as standard components.

Standard components are basically standardised products which are made to the relevant factory standards. The scope of application for standard parts is very diverse and spans all branches of the industry. Standard parts are mostly found in the construction of fixtures, tools and machines. For the companies concerned, producing these standard components themselves would be very uneconomical due to high unit costs. For this reason, the companies make use of a range of mass-produced standard products.

What began with GANTER producing a hand crank for a mangle for their own needs has today developed into a range of about 20,000 standardised, readily available catalogue items.

  • Fixture parts (detent pins, pressure pieces, adjusting rings, screws and screw nuts),
  • Operating elements (handles, buttons, hand cranks and handwheels),
  • Clamping elements (clamping levers, tensioning levers, toggle-type fasteners, shifting hubs)