Retainers and Compensating Devices

Retainers - SEEGER retaining rings

They are inconspicuous but are often associated with high risk and cost potential: retaining rings such as SEEGER retaining rings which are held in place by spring tension in radial grooves. As a fixing device used for multiple applications, retainers can only meet requirements if the manufacturer masters the physical necessities for their manufacture. Quality is therefore a "must".


Compensating devices

The drive for machine tools is only rarely realised directly in the machine tool itself. It is usually made up of several individual machines such as the engine, the transmission and the machine tool which elements are interconnected by shafts and thereby transmit the drive force. These individual machine elements must therefore be adjusted in such a way that radial misalignment is minimised and the coaxial length tolerances are adhered to (bearing clearance).


Seeger-Orbis is the leading manufacturer of retaining rings and snap rings.



For over 60 years, Martin has manufactured metallic shims as well as punched and deep-drawn parts for mechanical and plant engineering applications.