Code of Conduct – The Ludwig Meister Code of Conduct

We assume responsibility

Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co. KG believes in values that keep our company together and let it flourish. Only if everyone is assure of these values and complies with them, if everyone can depend on the compliance with these principle, our company can grow and flourish—which is to the benefit of all. Not only people benefit from it. In addition, we consider our environment. After all, today we are responsible for the world our children will live in tomorrow.

As a family company, we are aware of our responsibility toward the next generation and we try to live up to it as best we can. Of course, part of it is the economic success of our company, of which we never lose sight. However, short term profit maximization at all costs is not part of our company philosophy. We want to grow continuously and lasting as a team. We count on the help of motivated and content employees. We only work with vendors that share our company philosophy. It allows us to provide our customers good quality as well as fair and realistic prices.

We support these values.