Compliance with the code of conduct

We familiarize our employees with the content that is regulated by the code of conduct and we explain any resulting responsibilities. We communicate actively the principles of the code of conduct toward our business partners.

We initiate all steps necessary to implement in all business areas the basic values which are an integral part of the code of conduct through suitable organizational actions and appropriate guidelines and processes.

We pledge to monitor compliance of these steps regularly.

Any violations against the code of conduct and against legal regulations may result in legal labor and liability consequences and may lead to criminal sanctions depending on the severity.


Contact partner for the code of conduct

We have a contact person for the code of conduct. Our employees know the contact information and it is disclosed to the public.

All employees are urged to report severe violations against laws, internal rules, and the code of conduct either to their supervisors or the above referenced contact person, or to any other office that is authorized by the company to accept this information. The informant will not suffer any disadvantage therefrom.