Principles of social responsibility

Social responsibility is an essential component of management that is oriented on values and it is a significant factor for the lasting success of the company.

We respect and support the internationally recognized human rights.

We comply with the bans on child labor and forced labor in any form whatsoever.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination of employees and third parties. We strongly oppose any inacceptable treatment of employees; in particular, any sexual or verbal abuse.

We foster the equal opportunity of our employees.

We will accept the employees’ freedom of assembly and association to the extent it is legally permissible according to national regulations. We comply with applicable national laws and work standards in terms of reasonable compensation and the maximum hourly work. Overall, we ensure fair working conditions.

We ensure occupational safety and the protection of health at the workplace within the framework of national regulations.

We are obliged to the applicable environmental standards at the respective company locations and we ensure compliance with the laws.

We comply with consumer protection regulations if these affect consumer interests.

We contribute to the social and economic development of the country and the region where we are active.