Rolling Bearing Technology by Ludwig Meister

Service for Rolling Bearing Technology

You aim for failure-free operations in your facility. Should downtime occur owing to a defect in a rolling bearing, a manufacturing failure is not always to blame. Each rolling bearing is in principle a system consisting of bearing, bearing mounting, housing, shaft, lubricant, ambient conditions, and installation.

Each and every defect in the system can cause damage and therefore an outage. This is why, for years, we have fully investigated rolling bearing defects. This enables us to assist you in finding weaknesses in your system, so as to reduce damage in the future in order to ensure as high of production uptime as possible. Our rolling bearing services include:

  • Damage analysis with an eye to avoiding future defects
  • Product improvement by means of special lubrication
  • Installation of assemblies

Damage analysis for rolling bearing defects

We know you wish to avoid machine downtime whenever possible. If downtime should happen to occur, of course you would like to know why. The aim is to know the weak points of your machines, so that you can take proactive action against damage so as to prevent the resulting downtime.

Ludwig Meister has been analyzing damage to rolling bearings for years. Owing to this sound experience, you rapidly receive from us an analysis and statement concerning the characteristics of damage and the weaknesses in your system. This enables you to take action in your running operations quickly and improve conditions. In turn, this permits you to ensure as smooth of production as possible, to lengthen the service life of your equipment, and, at the same time, to reduce your operating costs.

Ludwig Meister’s damage analysis services include:

  • Examination of your rolling bearings for damage and wear characteristics; on request, including through laboratory examination performed by neutral institutions.
  • Examination report; on request with microphotographic documentation.
  • Damage analysis: Evaluation and identification of possible causes of the recognized damage and wear characteristics.
  • Recommendations for avoiding and preventing damage.

The Finishing Touch on Your Rolling Bearings

Lengthen the operating life of your rolling bearings; thus, the operating life of your machines and equipment. At the same time, you can increase the performance of your machines by adapting them optimally to your requirements and special operating conditions. How? We can improve your rolling bearings professionally by:

  • Cleaning your rolling bearing components in an ultrasonic bath as a basic prerequisite for special lubrication.
  • Specially lubricating your rolling bearings: Custom fulfillment of special lot series, lubrication (quantity and characteristics).
  • Reworking your rolling bearings for increased bearing clearance and burnishing to optimize their area of application and a lengthening of their operating life, service life, and running time.

To adapt securing collars and rings to your higher requirements for corrosion resistance, we also improve these through galvanizing or chromating them.